Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Queens Speech

  If "diction is done with the tip of the tongue and the teeth", then a flawless film is found in The Kings Speech. Within the powerful historical story of Prince Albert and his ascent to the throne of England as King George; all cast members, but especially the quintessentially talented Colin Firth, give us impeccable acting performances. An outstanding soundtrack carries us through a delicious blend of set design and cinematography so perfect it’s as if you are standing in the halls of The British Museum staring intently at a portrait and then you yourself bleed in to the paint on the canvas till you’re there and can feel the story happening around you. My favorite scene in the movie is when Geoffery Rush’s character impudently sits upon the throne of England in his attempt to push Prince Albert to his rightful authority, probing relentlessly he questions the importance of the throne, he asks why Albert should be King; the tension escalates until the crowned prince with all his struggles and disabilities fading into the background of his mind, pulls such tenacity, resolve and pride that he shouts in a thunderous announcement; Because I have a VOICE.
 I’m sure those buried beneath the cold stones of Westminster Abbey fluttered awake momentarily, with just enough time to utter a soft; “Welcome”
King George was exactly right, he had a voice, and he went on to give numerous wartime addresses that provided comfort to his people and confidence in his power. Though generations have passed since he wrote his legacy, the message is still the same; we have a voice. In a generation and society where many voices speak so loudly about what we should think, feel, act and be it is important that all generations young and old listen to the still small voice within and speak with defining clarity the truth about who we are and who God has called us to be.

This past weekend I was crowned Miss Walking Tall, a prelim within the Miss America Organization. The history of my title is something I am very proud to be a part of, if you are familiar with the movies Walking Tall, either from the 1970’s or The Rocks version in 2004, these are based on the life of a sheriff in McNairy County, a man who measured 6’6” but whose integrity, ethics and desire for justice placed him taller than the measure of most men.  The gentlemen who checked me in to my hotel proudly informed me “ We’re all Bufords around here”, the woman who cooked my biscuits and gravy that morning clicked her name tag with a wrinkled hand where above NAOMI was engraved; WALKING TALL. I carry the legacy of a man and the ideology of a community, I hold the name of their hero and I couldn’t be more proud and honored to do so. I will be competing in Miss Tennessee this upcoming June with Miss America being the ultimate goal of this journey. I will be a spokeswoman and raise awareness and funds for The Children’s Miracle Network and I will promote my personal platform of Epidermolysis Bullosa Awareness.  I am grateful to those who have supported me in this journey, and thankful for the opportunities in front of me. First and foremost I praise my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, for this blessing and for how he has sovereignly worked in my life.
 Just like King George, my voice and the validity of every word I speak existed before a crown was ever placed on my head and am grateful now for the larger audience before me who will hear what I have been given to say.

So, here is yet another dream I can cross off this years To Do List; Compete in Miss Tennessee! That brings with it many more To Do Lists to create and complete in and of itself, but that’s part of the journey and I anticipate drawing all the marrow I possibly can from this experience; speaking like a queen, giving all the glory to God, and in every moment, walking tall.

In Christ,

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