Monday, August 12, 2013

Symphony in A Minor Song

“Blue silver winters that melt into spring…these are a few of my favorite things..." I could listen to Julie Andrews sing that line every night of the week. Musicals are, well as Mary Poppins would say, one of my favorite things. I love the passion that’s evoked in song, and while in the the real world we don’t spend our lives pausing at dramatic moments and faded lights before we break out into ballads, our arms stretched from East to West…. there’s something soul lifting that comes from those unhindered voices on the silver screen and Broadway stage that suggest, perhaps we should, and perhaps we do. In our trademarks and style, our choices and humor, the destinations we book tickets for and the 5 most played songs on our iPods, all the intricately designed slivers of us that melt into a delightful watercolor harmony of personality and preferences. Even the simplest decisions of “I’ll have my coffee black” or “2 creams and sugars please”, indicates that you have a song and so do I, yours has different notes, the girl serving the coffee has a concerto and the guy playing the old violin amidst the trash of a metro line; well, if we stopped to listen we’d be moved beyond words.

Here are some of the lines of music in my composure; I’d rather have white tulips than red roses, Thursday is my favorite day of the week, and I purchase wine strictly based on the bottles design. I am not a morning person, I hate mornings, the most difficult task of each day is making myself get out of bed; but, on those rare occasions when I catch the sunrise and the birds morning chorus congratulates me on my epic accomplishment; it’s sheer exhilaration. I have a passion for film and photography, even when there’s not a camera in my hand I’m constantly seeing framed stills of every day life. I see the shot in my head and I capture it: the positive without the negative. I’m comfortable speaking in front of thousands of people but can be terribly awkward on dates with dapper gentleman. I share my story boldly but sometimes feel incredibly vulnerable and wonder if I have a safe place to land. I’d choose a presidential biography over a Glamour magazine any day of the week and sometimes I buy books simply for the scent that only a book has. There are moments when in private the grace of God fills me with so much joy and gratefulness that I burst into tears or laughter. I find serenity in the mountain skyline, I’m terrified of heights and falling, I’m a dreamer by nature and transparent to a fault. I love football on Friday Night and golf on Sunday afternoons. I fiercely and fully love my family and friends with sincerest conviction. I’m convinced that one day someone will buy a book I’ve written, even if only for the way it smells or the covers design rather than the words inside. If you asked, I’d tell you I believe dragons once existed and true love still does.

I’m also the type of person who doesn’t want to wake up (around 11:30am preferably) and ask herself the question, What if?  And while you can argue that the question itself has two sides; What if I had? and What if I hadn’t? I’d dare say that asking ones self “But, what if I had?” seems far more detrimental than pondering on the outcomes of something you’ve already done and cannot undo. It is because of that particular pitch in the sound of my soul that I will be competing in The 2014 Miss Tennessee USA competition as Miss Walking Tall USA. It’s the same tone that found me sitting on a rock at Walden Pond reading the words of Henry David Thoreau, watching the same water be moved by the wind that he glanced up at, as he wrote those words. The same rhythm with which I find myself preparing for a trip to The Dominican Republic to speak of the grace of Jesus Christ, through a translator, to a group of Dominican women; each with their own ballads to bear.  

After prayerful consideration, on October 3rd through October 5th of this year I’ll go after an opportunity one last time; or as my dear friends father would say; Sarah, you’re on the 1 yard line now go get a touchdown…." I am excited for this opportunity offered by The Miss Tennessee USA organization and thankful for those who understand when I look at a challenge, a dream or a door to be opened and say; Why not? I would love your prayers and support. When it comes to friends and family, and the people who surround me, I count myself an incredibly blessed young woman and I am so grateful for the people whose lives have been grafted into my own. You are the sound of wind chimes when the breeze of providence blows and I love you with all that I am. I hope you each always find the strength to see the beauty in the symphonies, whether bitter or sweet and when the moment comes, may you stretch out your arms and boldly sing your song, because truly; I’d love to listen.

In faith, hope and love,

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